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General Purpose

Low Profile


Locking Collar / Lock Nut

General Purpose Low Profile Aluminum Locking Collar Center Hole
For versatile lifting
& pushing
For lifting under low clearance. Height as low as 1.28 in. Pancake & flat jacks. Lightweight, weather resistant. Wears sooner from use. Not for constant motion. Also called Lock Nut, for lifting & holding load over extended period of time. For pulling chains and wire rope, also used for lifting.
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Jack & Pump Sets

Jack & Pump Set

Pre-matched hydraulic cylinder jack and hand pump set.
Hand Pumps

Hand Pumps

Ideal to operate small cylinders in the field. No need for electric power.
Electric Pumps

Electric Pumps

Low amp pumps for use in the field and heavy duty pumps for inside facilities.
Air Pumps

Air Pumps

Air over hydraulic pumps for use with compressors in the field or shop air in facilities.


Hydraulic hoses, couplers, manifolds, pressure gauges, needle valves, etc.
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About Our Cylinder Jacks, Rams & Pumps

CylinderJacks.com carries a variety of hydraulic cylinder jacks, rams, pumps and fittings. Find a large selection of cylinder jacks made by Zinko, Enerpac, Simplex and PowerTeam.

We specialize in material handling equipment used in the field for heavy load lifting and repositioning applications such as machine and cargo lifting, rigging, lift truck service, railroads, shipyard and equipment maintenance, working in the energy, oil and gas fields, positioning materials during bridge and plant construction, and emergency rescue lifting. Unless otherwise marked, our cylinders and rams are not intended for high-cycle applications in production and assembly. Call for expert product advise.


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