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Cylinder Jacks.com is a division of Toolwell, Inc which specializes in high quality lifting and moving applications. Cylinder Jacks is a combination of low profile and extended height jacks with a range of low to high capacity lifting capabilities that can be used to lift a multitude of heavy loads, ranging in size from small machinery to entire bridges, buildings and offshore oil rigs.

Our products have been used to help lift some of the largest objects in the world. Our jacks are known throughout the world for their durability and stability in rough & tough work environments. We carry cylinder, pancake, rams, low profile, single & double acting jacks. CylinderJacks.com has become a company that offers the highest quality of jacks in the industry

Our Manufacturers:


Zinko hydraulic cylinder jacks and hydraulic pumps are the professional's choice for the industrial and construction industry. These heavy-duty jacks are strictly manufactured according to ANSI standards and renown in the industry for their high quality, easy use and complete safety. Zinko offers a complete line of top quality jacks, from bottle jacks to industrial lifts, designed for supreme safety, durability, maximum efficiency, reliability and longevity. The products boast of 0.03% defective ratio. Made in Japan.


Simplex was bought by Enerpac (Actuant Corporation) in 2009. As a result, the product selections between the two companies are merging. Since 1899 Simplex has manufactured a wide range of innovative hydraulic high pressure high force equipment such as hydraulic cylinder jacks and hydraulic pumps.


Enerpac (Actuant Corporation) offers a complete range of high force tools such as hydraulic cylinder jacks and hydraulic pumps for all industrial applications. Enerpac's commitment to the continued development of quality tools ensures that the products you purchase are the best tools in the industry. Always at the leading edge of technology, Enerpac has continued to develop its range of time and cost-savings tools, utilizing modern engineered materials to improve productivity and minimize operator fatigue.

Power Team

Powerteam (SPX Corporation) has been instrumental in the development of innovative high force hydraulic power products, systems and tools such as hydraulic cylinder jacks and hydraulic pumps since 1924. Many of the products are known as the industry standard for rugged construction, reliability, and long service life. Powerteam today, provides a full range of professional grade products and services around the globe.