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Power Team - Hydraulic Hand Pump - 2 Speed



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Item: Hydraulic Pump - Power Team - Hand - 2 Speed - Single Acting

Includes: One hydraulic pump.



Hydraulic Hand Pump (Manual Pumping)

Speed: 2 speed

Single Acting (Use pump to operate single acting cylinder jacks)

Applications: For light duty-cycle applications of one-directional (single-acting) cylinder(s) operation. No need for electric power.

Description: Alloy steel, single acting hand operated hydraulic pump with integrated hydraulic fluid reservoir. Hand pumps for operation of hydraulic cylinder jacks are built for rugged industrial and construction use. Release valves have a fine pitch screw and man size valve handles for maximum control. Low handle efforts to reduce operator fatigue. Pump operates at double speed (2 speed): With the cylinder unloaded, the pump delivers a high volume of oil for fast cylinder speed. Once the load is engaged, the pump automatically switches to the slower high pressure lifting stage. Pumps have the highest available oil displacement per stroke. More oil per stroke means less handle strokes per job. Use pump locking handle to pick up and go. Easy to use and built to last. Rated discharge pressure is 10,000 psi. 3/8สบ NPTF outlet ports.

Power Team
2 speed
Single Acting
10 - 14 days